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The City of Tehran, with a population of approximately 12 million people, and as the political and commercial capital of the country, has never enjoyed a truly five-Star hotel as conforming to International standards. Functional and famous hotels in Tehran go back more than 40 years in their age, signifying a critical need for such important infrastructures the absence of which would be a considerable barrier against all-rounded growth and development for the city and the country as a whole. The Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel Project has been thought out in response to this shortage and as a move to upgrade the quality of hotel management industry in Iran . Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel is a tower with 46 floors, to be built in a 4500 m2 site with an area of 106,000 m2 in total.This complex consists of 623 standard parking lots , 47 luxury shops , offices , 10 restaurants and coffee shops on different floors and employing diverse themes , banquet halls and spaces and auditorium ,meeting rooms, 300 hotel rooms & 40 hotel apartments with a complex housing pool, spa, gym facilities, with large lobbies and wide access spaces.

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The unorthodox and very complicated structure of this 46-story tower is one of the most prominent challenges this project is faced with. What we have here is a 42m structure that is totally underground, a 30m high podium, and a 158m tower that sits on this platform. The main structural element of this 210m building consists of three concrete cores which extend from the foundation to the tower’s highest floor. The 16-storey concrete lower part of the project is a combination of concrete retaining walls, pedestals, columns and slabs with C50 concrete. Considering the fact that the plan of the tower floors is constantly changing, at the tower’s floors, the steel columns move on up the tower diagonally. Meanwhile, these columns serve to add to the beauty of the building. As the structure of Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel has unique features in its shape and does not fit the framework of Iranian National Structural Code Design as such, Performance Based Design methods have been used to analyze the structure, in addition to Code Based Design methods.



No 5, Mahdieh St., Sharifi Manesh Ave., Elahiyeh, Tehran, Iran

  • from Modarres Highway
  • form Vali Asr, through Fereshteh
  • from Sadr Highway, through Shariati



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