2017 . 11


 Appreciation Ceremony with the engineering, administrative, executive staff of Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel Project on the occasion of completion of the first phase of the project

Staff Appreciation Ceremony had been held in which the board of directors of Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel Company honored the hard work and great services of the engineering, administrative, executive staff of the project.

This ceremony which was with the presence of all the employees of the owner, the project management, the contractors and the consultants, was to thank the capable and dedicated Iranian engineers.

At the beginning of this ceremony, Mr. Asadi the CEO, thanking those involved in the implementation of this national project said “I’m so honored that we were able to complete the first phase including parking lots and utilities especially with the help of domestic engineers and firm trust to their knowledge and capabilities. Getting to a safe spot, we achieved a significant record; the deepest excavation in the Middle East. This issue was not possible unless with your nonstop work and efforts.”

In this ceremony, Mr. Asadi expressed his hope that with more effort in the future, manage to complete the project and operate right on schedule in order to take an effective step to fix the lack of tourism infrastructure and upgrade the quality of tourism and hospitality industry.

At the end of this ceremony, gifts were given to those involved in the management, engineering, administrative, and support team of the project.